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Nine Inch Nails performed an excellent concert. The visuals were just beautiful. You can really tell that Trent is a musician from the soul. I honestly can't describe the feelings I experienced during the concert. Actually, I can. I was very happy and even cried a little during Piggy and The Wretched. I'm not sure why I cried. The tears that watered out of my eyes were probably from pure joy. I was happy to see my favorite band live for the first time.  I mean, since 2000 I've been listening to NIN and I only got the chance to sing along with the cd. But this time I sang along with Trent and the crowd.

Anyway, I got front row and was only 5 feet away from Trent. I was in the Pre-sale General Admission Floor which led me to be the very very vert first row. Basically, nobody was in front of me. I was abused mostly from people behind me.

And what did this all take? It took 14 hours of waiting in line.

This post probably has a lot of typos but i don't care because I'm tired as fuck.